Reebop (lyprulz) wrote in fat_albie,

At the request of Albie:

I just got back from eating at the new Cici's Pizza (about 13 hours ago), and boy was it exciting!

First of all, they've officially closed down the old one, which is quite sad in my opinion. You'll find the new one right next to Best Buy and Academy Sports. I overheard one of the employees say that this is the first store in the NATION to be designed the way it is! Incredible! The price has been upped by One Whole Dollar but it's still well worth it in my opinion. Alot of people trash the food there but I honestly think it's pretty damn good. They expanded the salad bar, they have more pizza out, AND they even added new treats (like brownies -- delicious ones!) to the dessert bar! They had at least like 5 or 6 TV's out there but I'm not sure why because they play really loud music in there now. I even heard them play Dancing Queen! The most exciting aspect however was the new arcade filled with some of the crappiest looking games I've ever seen, including but not limited to: The Fast & The Furious: THE GAME! I finished my experience by getting my very own Jeff Foxworthy: You Might Be A Redneck If... sticker from the sticker machine.

All in all, one of the greatest lunch experiences I have ever had.
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