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McAlister's Deli

SO I went a week ago to this new chain restuarant that opened up not too long ago (across from the theatre) and guess who I see there...Thinh, Megan, and Daniel. Well I'm not sure what all of you had except Thinh because you told me yesterday that you had the Sweetberry Chicken and that you were happy with it. My brother had that the other day too so it must be pretty good. I guess I'll never know the taste of it because I'm NOT RICH LIKE SOME PEOPLE! It was $6.19 on the menu so I had to pass and settle for the lowly spud choice that peaked my interest. I chose the $4.39 Veggie Spud which ended up being very excellent as it was the single largest potato I've ever seen in my life. It was like a pizza. A potato pizza. Definitely worth the money and experience I have to say. Last but not least, their tea was AMAZING. The free refills were great too. All in all its an expensive place to eat at but if you've got the money and want to try something other than your typical Subway, Quizno's, etc then go try this place.

Facts about the restuarant:

+They offer over 10 different types of bread.

+The restuarant is grease free. No fryers.

+You don't have to leave a tip! (actually I'm not sure--they had pseudo-servers who came and gave refills)
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