Albie (car_chase_scene) wrote in fat_albie,

Happy Anniversary!

Yes, it actually has been one full year now since I started this waste of fine internet space folks! As you've probably (or not) noticed, I've done very little to making this an awesome community so as of right now it will become part of my New Year's agenda to amend this particular situation.

But until I can think of something awesome to write about the only thing barely worth mentioning is perhaps the changing prices of certain restaurants in town. Steak Express for example raised almost everything on their menu from ten cents up to a dollar. Even the always decently priced Cheddar's establishment raised a few items up a quarter to fifty cents within the past six months. To their credit though, they did add a couple of new plates to their menu so I can forgive Cheddars...for now.

Its probably just the yearly thing to do for most places. They need to take inflation into account afterall right?

I told you this would be a waste of time and space. Please join me next time as I will most likely talk about the soon to open Stone Cold Creamery and/or the new Church's Chicken/Popeye's Battle Royale that's about to take place on Knickerbocker Rd.

See you later!
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