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Favorite Soda

For at least the past couple years now when I go for a cold fizzy soda drink I tend to choose Dr. Pepper over most anything else that's out there. I'm not even sure why. I remember working at Burger King several years ago and drinking almost nothing but diet Coke from their fountain machine and loving it, a lot. I just thought the flavor was better than Classic Coke at the time and the diet version never left me feeling like I needed to hock flem from my lungs after finishing a 'regular' Coke. Anyway, now I drink Dr. Pepper at least once a week at work or when I'm eating out someplace and the only reason why I'm even writing about this is because I experienced my very first Dublin Dr. Pepper yesterday! I really savored the moment and after taking those first few sips I was kinda shocked. The stuff didn't really taste anything like Dr. Pepper. It didn't have that it's-attacking-your-throat-quality as you swallowed the stuff. I knew the sugars would taste different of course being with that the Dublin version uses the "Imperial Cane" sugar instead of whatever regular sugar they use in every other can of DP from the store but still, it was very interesting...and very smooth.

This story has been brought to you by a very bored human being.
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