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Angelo Eats

I got bored at work today and was flipping through the new phone book and when I came to the Restaurant section I realized that there were quite a few places that my fat ass has yet to try.

Here's a list of about ten place that I have never been to.

10. T-Bears Cafe
9. Cattleman's Restaurant
8. Dunbar Restaurant
7. Blanek's Village Cafe & Catering
6. Old Time Pit BBQ
5. River Terrace Restaurant
4. Miss Hattie's Restaurant and Saloon
3. Mr. T's Deli
2. La Esperanza
1. Joe Park Restaurant

T-Bears is in the Stadium Lanes Shopping Center but everytime that I have ever went to bowl it was really late and the cafe was closed. They apparently serve breakfast starting at 6am though.

Cattleman's is (I think) a steakhouse inside of the San Angelo Inn and Conference Center downtown on Rio Concho Dr. so I've never had a real reason to go eat there.

Dunbar or Dunbar East from what I hear used to be THE place for a good steak decades ago when they were at their prime I guess. They opened in 1959 and its location way up on the north side of town is probably the main reason why I haven't tried them yet but I will eventually.

Blanek's is kind of new(?)and is in the Village Shopping Center area as a cafe and catering service. They serve sandwiches and the like up until 2pm and is owned by the same people who own Dunbar.

Old Time Pit BBQ on Bryant Blvd. (87) is one of those places that I drive by a lot but never stop to eat there for some reason. I did try the original location in La Mesa a couple months ago and they had the best BBQ I had ever had in my life. I'm just not much of a BBQ guy but after that recent trip I think I can begin to change all that.

River Terrace is where my amigo Justin Miller works now as one of their new chefs so I've been meaning to try it out. Its very upscale fine dining kind of fare similar to that of Peasant Village. This is probably the number one place I want to try most out of everything that's on my list.

Joe Park always advertises their restuarant with a picture of Chicken Fried Steak on the Thrifty Nickel and ads like that but that picture always grossed me out. It is probably been the number one factor that's kept me out of their establishment thus far.

La Esperanza Isn't there also a clinic of the same name in town?
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