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The Good Night

98% of the time when Michelle or Justin calls me to go eat with them they mean out somewhere like at a restaurant, usually like a Cheddars, Chili's or even Denny's.  That definitely wasn't the case last week when instead Justin offered to MAKE us a nice dinner for once!  He's a chef so you'd think he'd cook more often for his girlfriend or close friends but he really doesn't because he'll usually come home tired from cooking all day and not want anything to do with a kitchen after work, you can't really blame him for that.  I'd hate to be on my feet for 8-10 hours everyday too.

So of course it came as a very big surprise when Justin said he wanted to cook for Michelle and me.  I was at work that day and couldn't get out until 11pm but they were awesome and decided to wait until midnight to cook and eat with me which was very nice of them to do!  I didn't even know what exactly we were having until I got there but its not like I'm a picky person.  They know I'll eat pretty much anything and everything if given the chance...

Story aside now, here's what we got to eat!

To start we had salads with a special homemade dressing that was to die for.

Then he brought us these baked gourmet macaroni and cheese plates made with at least four different types of cheeses including aged gouda, parmesan, and two different types of cheddar.  It could have been a full meal onto itself but we ate it all anyway...

Then we each got the motherload...
Beef Tenderloin in a Cabernet Sauvignon wine reduction sauce with sauteed garlic spinach settled atop of an english muffin.  Can't say I've ever tried eating steak in quite this manner before but it really was delicious.  The muffin was sort of the "sponge" for all of that good saucey flavor and the steaks were cooked medium rare and tasted absolutely perfect.

Also, I can't leave out a couple of the wines we had to go with...

The End!

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