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There's been a lot of Wendy's commercials like the one above lately on television that depict how "fresh and juicy" Wendy's burgers are compared to the competition, and of course by competition I mean they're calling Burger King and McDonalds out on their dry disgustingly frozen patties.  I agree that they do a better job of offering healthier choices at Wendy's compared to most fast food places but I sincerely doubt that their burgers are any more fresh than their competitors really.  I know from a lot of personal experience (poor me right?) that most fast food burger joints have freezers to keep boxes of meat in for a future dated use.  How exactly is Wendy's going to be any different?  Do they slice up the cow right there and then serve?  There's no way they are getting a delivery truck every day so how are they keeping their meat fresh pray tell?  Well, to get some answers I called the Wendy's Customer Relations number that was listed on their website but unfortunately it only works from like 8am to 5pm and every time I've tried its been too early or too late...damn my sleep/work schedule!

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