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Lin's Grand Buffet's Grand Opening!

I really shouldn't do a review for a restaurant that barely opened their doors for business and has to deal with a million people an hour and to expect great service during that time would be ludicrous I'm sure...but hey I went, I ate, and now I review! So here goes...

Price-wise they're even with China Garden but at Lin's you pay first, eat later, much like Golden Corral, CiCi's, etc. The atmosphere is cafeteria-like, bright lighting, bustling people and servers, you get the idea. Not quite the most romantic of places to have your dinner, but great for friends and get togethers. Our drinks came in styrofoam cups, they were probably out of glass from the earlier rush but nonetheless disappointing. That and because of the busyness it was hard for me to find certain food items that I really wanted like sushi, shrimp, and those oh so tasty crab rangoons. I thought it was also weird that they kept all the raw fish in a bucket with tongs for you to take and place onto the sushi yourself...lame. To be quite honest though, my expectations were too high for Lin's Grand Buffet. I foolishly was looking for something Vegas-like and was pretty much slapped with the reality that this is after all just San Angelo.

Do I recommend eating there again? Sure, for lunch maybe...and when the crowds go away.

2 obesity stars out of 5.
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